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Monday, February 02, 2009

Going for the rust

Three Men & a Little Shady starring:
Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Kevin Costner, and Marshall Mathers as the Shady
You better splurge for that large bucket of popcorn. You'll need a large bucket because you won't get to the trashcan in time before you puke.

"Acting? What acting? Ed, Edd, and Eddy's Plank is stellar next to these guys!"
"Courtney Love pushed me over the top. I could only stab myself a few times before I passed out."
"Thank God I was able to leave the theater and walk the 200 miles back home. That was a great walk. That movie was terrible."
"Critics agree, save the planet, save the world, save yourselves by not watching this movie!"
"Terrorists have agreed to a cease-fire if Hollywood agrees not to release this movie."
"Satan is buying exclusive rights to the movie as this is being written."

managing teachers

perfect example of reading your own work

Thank you Jeff, pictures of Joshua

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FW Police codes

If you were ever wondering

66/72 72 Hour Commitment
21 Adult
93 Aircraft Accident
40 Alarm
13 Ambulance
111 Animal Investigation
111 C Animal Investigation – Cat
111 P Animal Investigation - Deer Permit
111 D Animal Investigation – Dog
111 I Animal Investigation – Injured
53 Armed Robbery
53 IP Armed Robbery In Progress
15 Assist
15, 85 Assist At Once
40 ATM ATM Alarm
63 Attempt To Contact/Check Well Being
65 A Attempted Suicide
40 A Audible Alarm
40 B Bank Alarm
96 Battery
96 IP Battery In Progress
96 JO Battery Just Occurred
89 Bomb Threat
31 Breathalyzer
50 Burglary
50 JO Burglary - Just Occurred
50 A Burglary Attempted
50 IP Burglary In Progress
11 C Cage Car - Transport Prisoner
129 Cops - Community Service Assignment
59 Cutting / Stabbing
32 Death Investigation
32 A Death Notification
40 TX Dialer Alarm
33 Disabled Vehicle
33, 34 Disabled Vehicle - Traffic Hazard
43 Disturbance
43, 62 Disturbance - Party Armed
46 Domestic Disturbance
46, 62 Domestic Disturbance - Party Armed
46, 96 Domestic Disturbance W/Battery
40 D Domestic Violence Alarm
92 Drowning
19 Escort
71 Explosion
72 Fail To Pay
26 F Fatal Traffic Accident
55 Fight
55, 62 Fight - Party Armed
70 Fire
40 F Fire Alarm
44 FW Fireworks
108 Followup Investigation
97 Found Items
911 HU Hang Up
40 H Holdup Alarm
60 Homicide
109 Illegal Dumping
67 Indecent Exposure
83 Information Report
42 Intoxicated Person
40 I Intrusion Alarm
114 Investigation – Hunters
127 Jail Escape
22 Juvenile
22 I Juvenile Investigation
22 N Juvenile Neglect/Abuse Investigation
22 RC Juvenile Recovery Report
22 RN Juvenile Runaway Report
104 Kidnapping
104 IP Kidnapping In Progress
77 Labor Dispute
40 L Listening Device Alarm
38 Lost / Stolen Plate
97 A Lost Items
24 Lost/Missing Person
44 LM Loud Music
44 LP Loud Party
41 Man/Person Down
41, 36 Man/Person Down In Vehicle
40 M Medical Alarm
1 Meet
66 Mentally Ill
56 Molesting
56 JO Molesting - Just Occurred
99 Narcotics Investigation
45 Neighborhood Disturbance
44 Nuisance (Smoke, Noise, Etc)
154 Officer In Trouble
101 Open Door
28 Operating While Intoxicated
40 P Panic Alarm
35 Parked Vehicle
36 Parked Vehicle Occupied
37 Parking Violation
62 Party Armed
33 J Party Locked Out
64 Party Not Seen
26, 86 Personal Injury Accident - Municipal Property
26 HS Personal Injury Hitskip Accident W/Injuries
26 PI Personal Injury Traffic Accident
26 PP Personal Injury Traffic Accident - Party Pinned
16 Pick Up Item
11 Pick Up Prisoner
16 V Pick Up Videotape
16, 97 Pick-Up Found Item
16, 24 Pick-Up Missing
16, 22 R Pick-Up Runaway
66 V Possible Mental – Violent
20 Problem Unknown
25 Property Damage Traffic Accident
68 Protect Evidence
49 Prowler
75 Pursui
61 Rape
61 IP Rape In Progress
61 JO Rape Just Occurred
17 Read Motor Number
27 Reckless Driving
47 Removal Of Articles
112 Riot
76 Road Block
14 S Serving Warrant
58 Shooting
52 Shoplifter
113 Shots Fired
29 Special Assignment
39 JO Stolen Vehicle - Just Occurred
39 R Stolen Vehicle Recovery
57 Strong Arm Robbery
57 IP Strong Arm Robbery In Progress
65 Suicide
65 T Suicide Threats
48 Suspicious Person
48, 36 Suspicious Person Parked Vehicle
48, 35 Suspicious Vehicle
3 TX Telephone Call
102 TX Telephone Threats
51 Theft
51 A Theft Attempted
51, 35 Theft From Vehicle
51, 35 IP Theft From Vehicle In Progress
51 IP Theft In Progress
51 JO Theft Just Occurred
102 Threats
25 HS Traffic Accident - Hit Skip
25, 86 Traffic Accident - Municipal Property
34 Traffic Hazard
30 Traffic Stop
39 U Unauthorized Control Vehicle
74 Unruly Crowd
103 Unwanted
15, 84 Urgent Assist
23 Vandalism
23, 113 Vandalism By Gunshots
23 IP Vandalism In Progress
23 JO Vandalism Just Occurred
23, 35 Vandalism Vehicle
39 Vehicle Theft
39 IP Vehicle Theft In Progress
98 Vice Investigation
73 Walk Away
14 Warrant
69 Wires Down
18 Work Traffic

Best guessing

I was reading local news on a murder and assault. I went to the local PD and it featured a cold case. I don't know squat about it, but I wanted to see what the case was. If I were a betting man, I would bet on the person using the railroad at the time.

Please read this and look at the map. I don't have any facts, but am guessing here. I have driven in Hursh and near Leo-Cedarville. I am surprised that the killer left the body where it was. A more reasonable place to hide the body would be anywhere in the wooded section near Cedarville. If you Google map Fort Wayne you will notice a rail line that could enable someone to be near most of the places where notes are found.

"Blow up you[sic] (house)" sounds like the impulsive ranting of a fifteen year-old. As the report indicates, the notes should not be taken as precisely the language or phrasology of the suspect, but if it a recurring phrase it might have some meaning.

My second guess is digusting but I think has merit. With the continuing notes regarding the abduction, rape, murder of the poor little girl, I guess that the perp violated the body also. Now, how you find someone who may be homeless is tough, especially now and with it being a cold case.