Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Integrating lives together is a long and sometimes difficult journey.
It was a good weekend. T and I were to go to Fort Wayne to meet up with friends. As luck would have it, big Z was interested in coming. That is monumental. T and I were putting off the full integration of our many people into a wholeness. He was understandably hesitant. He had the chance to meet me via chat or conversation.

The trip there was a bit hampered as it seemed long to Z to be a long trip. Z finished that day with a party. He was tired, hungry and winding down from a party. Packed into a car for a "longish" car ride wasn't ideal. The plan was to meet up with Monkeyjack and party. Well, there was a side trip.

Big Z must have seen a short video of Lilly. I believe he really wants a dog that he can raise and train. While he loves the dog with him now, that silly canine isn't trained as he hoped or would want him to be. He requested to spend time with Lilly. Well, that was fine. He got a chance to run and play with Lilly who was obliging. Big Z also got a chance to meet J, my niece.

We had to go and got to Monkeyjack's house a bit late for dinner. Well, we prepped a plate for big Z, then T. I grabbed some food quickly so Charlie and J could pound on me. They love tumbling and rough-housing. K was disappointed that J was diving from the top of the bed to land on me. I took it all, as I do. I take a lot of beating.

We wanted to stay a bit longer, so K popped in Wii Mario Kart. big Z was wicked tired and growing sleepy and disagreeable. Well, I can't blame him. Anyway, K made coffees and a shake for us to go. We got to play with the rough and tough puppies who are very much who they are going to be. Silly puppies with bounds of energy followed by lounging.

It was simply great to see everyone again and to have a chance to more completely integrate our many lives together.

I was greatful that Debbie's surgery went very well, as she has many people praying for her and God's love is everywhere. Thanks to God for the many challenges before each of us and to our successes through God's guidance.

Sunday, big Z, T, and C went to "the Y". I was invited but opted out for the concern that I might have an unfortunately timed due-to-happen confrontation with a man who holds me accountable to my own actions and the consequences of many others' choices including his own. I will make that day when it comes but this early on with big Z so close to him, I will wait until that day doesn't fall back on Z negatively.