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Friday, January 09, 2009

Reviewing Christmas NewYear 2008

Betty didn't join us this year as she normally does and we all have many people whom we miss dearly. We were granted great traveling weather for the day. Tawnya and three of her kids, Justin, Simone, Cheree came up and met us at Diane's. We ate lots, opened gifts, but then they had to leave for the day. Tawnya confessed to me that her later Christmas at her family's, it wasn't without problems.

Debbie and family came up after their vacation in TN. That is a story Debbie and Ana can write/type about on their blogs. Beth and Tom came up and we had a good time. Tawnya had to work and I left to pick up her in Warsaw. Her kids had other plans.

Tawnya and the rest of the family celebrated New Year then she and I took off for Jeffy's. I hadn't been out to Jeffy's new house. Keith and Jeffy were guiding us there when Keith directed us to the street to "you can't miss it". There was Keith bent over in the street. It was too cold to moon us with undies or skin so we lucked out there.

It was wounded down by time we got there. Lucas, however, was the Speedy Devil Gonzales running around in w whirlwind. The kids were playing Wii. Jessica was out -- out like surgery thanks to Keith who filled her with alcohol.

Kayla had a "great" idea of having her boyfriend spend the night in her room on the aerobed. Jeffy didn't agree and so -- wasn't gonna happen. Tawnya and I drove back to Warsaw, slept little and returned to Fort Wayne in the morning. We both considered skipping out on the day and not going, but we did. We were two of six people awake at that time. We stayed longer then went back to Warsaw.

Whipped, tired, exhausted we both slept. I got back to Fort Wayne and spent some more time with family before they buggered out.

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