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Thursday, June 12, 2008

itty bunny foo foo

Little bunny hopping

car porn

For those who love cars. Eww!

I haven't finished watching the movie

I sent it to a couple of other people. I will not mention it by name and it will inflame most people who watch it. It is damning on many levels. I will later found it's counter, then post links to both.

yoga stretching for the reaching some folks do

Don't drink soda while watching this video. You will either be angry and spit it, or laugh at the stupidity of it and send soda out your nose. I will answer the question, "Yes. This video should be banned."

Well, you can't learn without experiencing and sometimes reading.

I was watching a video that tried to emasculate Jesus. It attempted to liken Horus to Jesus. While it is sensationalism, it doesn't pan out too well when you start reading. While Wikipedia is not the perfect source for info, I believe that Horus, a war god, is not really the same as Jesus. Nice try though. I would call that a miss (strike).

To liken Jesus to Attis is as mad (crazy) as Attis was.
Krishna was joy, peace, seducer of girls. Again, uh ... not Jesus.

I think I'll stop here and drink the rest of my tea.

If I were to buy into this guy's load a unholy cow patties; I could still look at in a more pragmatic way.
If the explanations of parts of Jesus were the amalgumation of lots of Pagan principles, but ... you wanted to convert animal and human sacrificing groups into a safer, peace-loving Christian lot, wouldn't you liken Jesus in parts to their deities?

Heck, I would! I don't find it wrong to have, what I consider useless traditions, being strangely similar to Pagan rituals. I don't practice them, but see you had to sway infidels with mild, however stupid concessions. In the end, non-essential traditions notwithstanding, believing in God, and moreover Jesus isn't a bad thing.

It is a disservice to liken Jesus to a war god or a seducer of girls, or many other god incarnations. I am sure that stronger Christian believers will be more than angered and incessenced at this video, but ... I am disappointed that this little sketchy bit of puke will get people to think, "Yeah ... dat's da ticket. It was all just a coverup, or lie, or something like dat."

If you are a Christian and a thinker, this video should do little but wonder if the freedom of speech shouldn't have limits. You thought smut videographers were the problem, how about hate and deception mass media? Next up, how about Hale Bop and the Nazi Scientologist poly-theist polygamists? No, not a music group.

Stamp it 'bat shit crazy'.

flunking or debunking

Frame 21: balloon
Frame 33: birds
Frame 40: balloons
Frame 104: shells on a string, shot out of focus (too close)
Frame 240: balloons

UFO video

so moved

While the word, "love" is overly used, I can sometimes hear it or read it with the feeling behind it. "I love chocolate", fascinating, but a sad waste of feeling and meaningful word. "I love her" or "I love him", sometimes really like a whole lot. Every now and then, "I love him", slowly creeping from the lips, fog rolling covering the floor to waist-high in cool-soothing texture.

"I love ..." sweet floral scents bash the senses, making you dumb to all but the hit it drives into you. Yes, unlike a fighter's pain from punches, it is sustaining, powerful, but not painful. It is a beauty to watch, feel, and almost certainly magic. Can you explain a couple's song playing at the right moment? Can you explain clouds covering the moon so that a couple embrace in darkness and secret?

Love, spoken truly doesn't have to be clear to anyone but the listener. Sometimes, if you cleanly pay attention and listen, you can hear and feel love. It isn't just an empty word, no promises, no continuity. It can be "I love you", and the world is shown changing eroding, reforming and back again. Days pass in seconds and love remains. That is love! Love doesn't happen over a day, and true love lasts beyond the mere life of a person.

She moved me. I felt "love", more than heard the words. L-O-V-E, soft, special, powerful, moving.