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Friday, August 08, 2008

Those whacky doofi

It very impotant that yo make a good frist imprezzon, rite?
Want a job? Good luck in your search. Right, that was helpful.
I certainly have so much money that I don't have a picture of just me.

While I was waiting for a call -- I would then be called away to do something, I was job hunting. Here are the wacky, creepy things I found. Yep, he's probably giving something alright. He must have read Velvet Jones' book on how to be a high-paying ho.

hidden when still

It is very hard to see, but in this picture is a bird on the bush.

When in groups, they are much easier to see.
One in the hand is worth ...

Cautionary tail

Here we have Cheyenne who stands gazing through slats hoping to see Bear, the next door neighbor dog. If you look closely, you can see that the fence to her left is, odd. She pushed it down when running back and forth along the fence hoping to gear Bear into playing with her.It was an accident, but still ... not behavior that should be encouraged.
Here she is boldly jumping logs, running back and forth on the other side hoping to get a peek or talk with the other neighbor dog. No luck!
She has fully control over her ears. Why she folds them over, I don't know.
She eventually started playing with an insect. Thankfully not this stinking bugger. While it would be nice for this wicked person-biting insect to be scared off or die, she didn't bite after this horsefly.
Instead, she fought a cicada like the one here, hiding on the underside of a support piece on the wooden fence. It flapped around a bit, but in the end she crunched it, eating it fully. Blecht! I hope it was able to mate and drop eggs before being eaten.

As a side note, I worked with her to get her to walk with me. She was very difficult the first two times and each time thereafter she was better. She still pulls some, still gets anxious around some people and some animals, but she is much better!

and where is the bat, man?

Ssh! I'm napping here.