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Friday, July 04, 2008

bad catcher, I missed them

Sorry to the Q collective, as I have been helping my sister over the last couple of weeks and have about six more days of it before it is, "done" for the moment. I hope that my life is better sorted so that I can see the whole of you sometime, next time, anytime.


- photo courtesy of MR via cell phone

house work for Thursday

My niece came home late and didn't like the colors.
It is a tradition now, I suppose that every night end with Lilly going belly up.
Well, we got four walls painted today. Pomagranet (red) is quite the bold color. Two other walls are yellowish off-white and the fourth is yellow.
My brother-in-law finished with office room by installing lattice work, hiding the seams.
He is hard at work with pants that are too big for his size 31 waist. I am thinking he is a size 29.8" waist, but ...
My niece with paint plays a bit with Lilly who wanted to play all day.
My niece covered her painted legs with jeans and went to a movie.
Hey! It's an installed door! The funny thing -- there are no keys for this door.
My brother-in-law and I put on the coat of polyurethane.
My sister posing for the multitude of work.
This young man is spraying the outside of the house to kill ants -- carpenter ants maybe.
Jerry came out and installed the door on his birthday. Thanks Jerry!

We made progress today, my sister ended it with well-earned baklava. We still have much to do, but we are making progress.