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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It is the beginning of the bite

I felt this thing, enduring its sucking until I could get this shot.


Fireflies are not the easiest thing to shoot near dark. I was not successful getting one to "blink" on command.

These two were investigating each other. I am not sure whether they are ready to battle or trying to determine sex.

These two investigated each other then separated.
Perhaps by random chance only, the fireflies seemed to gather around me. I was wondering if the camera was affecting them someway, but that is a big guess.
In the end, the fireflies wanted me to bug off, so well shown by this one.

into the blue sky


My Google spreadsheet.

What was supposed to be tough, was about 6 minutes of work

Start Date Name formula for guesswork 401K Plan Retirement $100,000.00 Standard payout
2/15/1982 Burns, Ken $ 49,358.44 $ 63,178.81 Prem $100,000.00

2/15/1982 Simpson, Homer $ 43,632.01 $ 55,848.98 Anthem $ 55,848.98

2/15/1982 Stewart, Martha $ 69,835.06 $ 89,388.88 Prem $100,000.00

2/15/1982 Astley, Rick $ 38,804.32 $ 49,669.53 Anthem $ 49,669.53

2/15/1982 Morton, Bob $285,583.13 $365,546.40 Anthem $365,546.40

2/15/1982 Ryerson, Ned $219,862.43 $281,423.91 Prem $100,000.00

2/15/1982 Chuck, Phil $165,334.91 $211,628.69 Prem $100,000.00

2/15/1982 Moorehead, Craven $ 32,274.14 $ 41,310.90 Anthem $ 41,310.90

2/15/1982 Butkisser, Best $135,971.80 $174,043.91 Anthem $174,043.91

=IF(E2="Prem", STANDPAY, D2)

My nephew and his prof had a challenge with something like this. I don't see how it was tough.

long name?

Long name, amazing results?

no sleep til

angry again

Again, it's me

It's me ... I broke something, next story.

for someone special

on losing faith and questions no one can answer

I got very frustrated working on my sister's house. I got so mad, I began to favor losing faith than just coping with the stupidities of the situation. I was impassioned with anger. Satan's rapture? Anyway, I started getting angry with God. Yep, He was to blame for the inane and mundane randomness for the whole universe. Look, I tore a paper, that's God's fault. Then a series of under-the-surface thoughts came in with "why do good people suffer", "why is there hunger in the world", "why is there murder and rape". There are, of course, no easy answers.

If I thought that God knew everything, facilitated everything, and could intervene at any time, why not to people suffering? I started with my shaking fist at the stupidity of getting the titles into position. Then any little thing after that got me more bitter. It was a lot easier to blame God than to accept that I could cope with stupid crap.

By the end of two days, I was a bit better and less out of sorts. While I don't understand how stubbing my toe at 2:00 in the morning really pans out to God's ultimate plan for the universe, nor the rape and torture of people+ helping humanity to get to God, I am not as bitter, for sure.

Even if I lose faith, allowing it to slip from my heart and mind, I will not lead others to follow. Without hope, faith, direction, compassion, structure (including law), a person is in an anarchial hell. Without the goal of helping the whole species and moreover all species of the planet, why live? If a person is without purpose, they will die sooner and more miserably. How could I support that? Regardless if I let my faith die, I shall not encourage others to follow.

+ my mind played out the situation of a man (father for example) who rapes an infant. So, the infant deserved the torture because it was born with original sin ... no; bullshit; wrong! Where was God on the child's behalf? This is a question that bugs me.


local spatter from paiting

cuteness button

The bone is actually red with drywall dust making it look pinkish.
If you will look, she has ball in her mouth at the same time.

She doesn't like it when I kiss her nose (muzzle) during play. Here she is nearly lulled to sleep with me rubbing her with my foot.

Here she is wild ... her norm.


My sweet, adorable friend, embarrassed that she had to stop in for a potty break.
She didn't want her picture taken.

prettier than the paint

oops, had the silly thing in reverse.

Many of these were at Jefferson Point mall, the others were at my sister's.

more work photos

For the original version ... click here.

The tiles pissed me off, so I stopped trying to work with them. My sister was equally peeved and quit. Well, my brother-in-law gets them now.
Here is Jeff Bell. He does lots of things, but primarily installs and repairs garage doors. After his solo effort of loading the drywall sheets, he drove to my sister's and he and I pulled them off. He showed me the faster, however a bit sloopy, way of measure-cutting sheets. It was about 5 minutes instead of 35. I think I will take the trade.
Here you see him talking with my neice.
This is the same view the next day --- a wall, installed by Mike and Dustin.
The brown sections is the new insulation.

Mike and Dustin installing the wall and discovering that the studs are not 24" on center.
This is a problem area near the front door.

My sister and her "helpful" dog cleaning up after mudding the walls.

My white arm. My face was so sprinkled also.
Yes, the ceiling is now whiter.

Power painter ... need experience to use it well.