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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Texas Hillbilly Shoots Two Bigfoots!

Sass-Kwa-ch! We dun shoots it.

spam grade

I think I will begin to grade the spam that I get.

click ... working

Thanks Gmail, it's trimmer, thinner, finer, faster. Google personnel, you have made improvements. Congratulations!

Next award goes to

Oh boy! He's done such an outstanding job this year as a person, a whole new award gets created. It's the golden ass award, also called the Christian Bale. For accosting his mother, accosting random people on a set, his dedication to be a less-tator than dic, Bale has earned this award.

I thought Tom Cruise was a nutcase, but Bale clearly demonstrates his acting ability on film. You'd never think of what an ass he is in real life. What an actor's actor!

Well, that's my *****, of course

The world used to be relevant to my penis. Now it is relevant to henrynaruto9's penis. Yes, there was a time when everything found on the Earth and in the universe could be considered to be my penis. What's that huge building called, "my penis". What's that, uh, a manatee? "No, it's my penis." Later on people would suggest that they knew what I was thinking and that [insert noun here] was clearly my penis.