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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thank you also

Cerpicio, thank you also for assisting me with obtaining my job care of bground checking. Though no offer yet, your help was and is great appreciated!


Thank you Cerpicio, PK, and Josh for inviting me over. PK's food was great! PK does a great job!
Josh saw Daddy pluck something from these bags and munch. Hey! I'll get some. Although sporting a few teeth, he isn't quite ready for chips. He instantly recognized bowl. Well, bowls have toys or food. Either way, that's for me! He was not allowed guacamole either. Boy! Talk about meanies!
PK had this bear at her other job. She noticed that Josh is able to chew away some of the fur. The other kids who experienced this bear were older and weren't chewing on it. Regardless, Josh seemed to like Mommy playing with the bear with him.

Although no charges have been filed, Joshua has stolen a number of hearts. With a change in schedule, PK has more time off with Josh. According to Cerpicio, the grandparents aren't happy with having the so-called obligation to watching him and loving and kissing him.

Anyway, all you need is love!
Josh fell asleep after a feeding and was loved on by mom and dad. He didn't wake for that. He needed his diaper changed and for that he woke. This particular picture is likely a very common one, as common as the wall standing, but far more interesting -- Josh getting love and kisses.
He was at the table with us and decided that he ought to be eating too, so he allowed daddy to feed him, but after each bite looked over to mommy. It didn't matter if he had to twist his head nearly 180 degrees.
Josh is a quiet, lovable little boy who is inquisitive and wants to skip that whole crawling part in favor of standing, walking, then running (all in one day). Josh was intrigued with the camera and generally stopped still while I took a shot, not showing his clever and clear happy grin he most often wore.
While there are many toys here around him, he seems to favor toys nearly his same size. He like a musical, chewable dog and Charlie Brown. He also likes to play the "gravity" game or what my father called the "step-fetch-it" where the child, here Joshua, would swing around a toy and when you were least prepared, he would drop it or launch it. It is a great game. While he gets stronger, the objects will go farther.

if I were a YouTube golfer

This would be me.

Kevin will recover from the accident

As you can see from the video, Kevin tempted fate and was subsequently run over.

He is expected to recover from laughing in a short while. Doctors predict a recurrence of laughing with secondary conditions of fun.