Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Friday, August 01, 2008

mix ups

Add online degree ads and singles ads.

Men are happier

Of course they are! Some men get to date and marry women much their junior ..(younger, not necessarily brighter).. much, much, much their junior. Lust + Viagra =happy older life.

MR's woes

Well, his girls, babes and ogling aren't woes, I mean rather the site meter. I suggest a minor little blip in service rather than the Serial Liberal Undermining Republicans Media Party (SLURP). While SLURP has activities like you are suggesting, I don't think you were a prime target. Their Fantasize About Republican Terrorism (FART) was, overall a stinking disaster.

signal strength

You are usin ---^#%^$#^&%&$%#@
[no call]

Blankity, blank, blank Verizon!
Quit having this hundreds of actors on the commercials "behind" some user. How about you get that strength in signals around here, eh?

Yep, I'm jealous! I want to be a bar-belly Sneech with lines upon mine. I only see lines upon thine, bars upon thars. It's so unfair!

Of all the search words . . .

old house in Whitley County

Beaten down house.
Trespassers William

pastel pallet clouds

Last night's clouds.

Um, I'll opt for "no"

Stop, please.

In response to your resume, please bring a resume.
Where is the cancel button?

Interview this morning

It seemed to go alright. I hope it pans out and is what it purports to be, challenging.