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Friday, July 18, 2008

earn your

earn your ***er, degree online . . . tempting, almost

OK, I admit I did a little editing with the photos.

competing interests

Do you want a job? Do you want to spend your time on the internet too? Do you want to spend company time looking for another job? Now you can do all three!

example why to help Israel

Some people wonder why the US supports Israel so much. Here's a pretty good reason.

tasted twice

I got an invite to go into marketing. I thought the name sounded familiar, so I found it ... on my own blog. I'll opt out.

In response to your posted resume, we would like for you to seriously consider sitting down and evaluating a career opportunity with Pacesetter Marketing.

Our industry growth has allowed us to now offer select Sales positions for quality personnel. We provide industry leading support and development with rapid advancement into Management positions.

We offer:

+ $60-$80K 1st year potential (No Experience)
+ $75-$150K 1st year potential (Management Experience)
+ Sales and Management bonuses
+ Stock ownership
+ Lifetime residual income with vesting after 2 years

Positions are available in SOME CITY and your local area.
Interviews will be conducted by National Recruiter [man’s name] + on

Tuesday July 22nd @ 10am OR 3pm

city, state, zip
### ###-#### – (for directions ONLY)

Please bring a resume, be prompt and dress appropriately. We are looking for individuals who possess high integrity, strong work ethic and appreciate professional training.

To reserve your interview, e-mail back one of the times listed above that is best for you. Include a phone number in case a manager needs to contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.

To learn more about the products sold by Pacesetter Marketing, a local agency of Family Heritage, please review their website at

You are receiving this employment opportunity email because you uploaded your resume on If you employment status has changed or you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can update your privacy and communication preferences from your resume by logging onto

Or you can Block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails.

Director of Recruiting

What I know ... PaceSetter Marketing is from Canada. While they have no great "scam" reports ... I won't sell insurance. Nice try though. I think I will opt out of further emailings.

+ Oh boy! Yeah, I've heard of him. He's good. WTF?

Drive faster, that azz iz too FAT

If you gaze at this and think, "Whoo, hoo! I gots ta have me sum of dat", you may need glasses.
If you are a woman and feel that your butt lags far behind you ... far behind like days, your butt is smaller.
Just contrast yours to
[uh, oh, puke]
this one.

Trying to get between those legs is much like getting them to fit in an airline seat.

Britain's Got Talent!

Oh, they've got big balls, but here's "Jailbreak"!

I'm Gonna Get you Obama!

"They got government jobs!"
"Whitey, I am very pleased!"

I'm not a big fan of Obama, but I do like, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!


I mentioned I didn't ever see a suit. I got this. I modified it of course.

quick show of sale

I shot this quickly on Thursday when helping a friend.
Not FW, by the way.

political right

Alright Mark! Good thing, though I'll stay away from the true redneck, hillbilly, white trash crowd. I like the thought of taking politics to the mat.

Night for a Knight

Well, Carmike Theaters botched it. They just sold tickets, but not theaters. We got there an hour before the show and still they tried to force us to take front row seats. Keith and Jeffy would not have it, protested and started a cadre of followers unwilling to take front row. I agreed, but would have submitted anyway.

Since we were early, it made no sense to disallow us to seat together in comfortable seats. They weren't even ushering people to specific theaters. After a long stand-in, the theater relented and shuttled us to another cinema they opened for the show. At showtime, the projector or film failed and we waited longer.

The movie is very violent. A PG-13 rating was a bad call. People die violent deaths and it is dark, like the title. The Joker is a deranged psychotic, played very well by now-past Ledger. I think most people will like the movie.

Not really spoilers, they are vague until you watch the movie
I am too critical, so I will note that there were some interesting parts with creativity.
How to get a well-protected suspect out of a skyscraper.

You are going to blackmail who?
I'll make this pencil disappear.
I want my phone call.
Charles was disappointed that the Joker-Batman battle took too long to develop and that it wasn't portrayed nearly as well as in the comic. Harvey Dent, um ... too quick I think and should have been "Hey, guess who's the next villain?"

Lori called at 3:40 looking for Keith. Oops, it was late, discovered Keith. Yep! Keith and Charles got back late and each had to start their early days.

Keith played the dreaded song

While the lyrics are just one word stated, shouted in exaltation, it is prides funeral dirge, less sincere than taps. I didn't sleep well or long the night before, then helped a friend sell stuff for a rummage sale in the heat. Yea sunburn!

Keith wanted me to go to midnight Batman Dark Knight. While I didn't commit to going, he played The Song. It was the creation of Keith and TS in response to someone opting out of drinking one night. While that person made the best decision he could for himself, the song remains in infamy.

It was played for me and I opted for pride over what made more sense.


José Luis de Jesús Miranda is one of the more dangerous living men about whom you can read. He claims to be Jesus Christ and the anti-Christ. His churches have 666, SSS on them as do some parishoners. He, himself, has a 666 tattoo. This dangerous man thankfully boasts that he cannot be killed.

That sounds like a dare.

Intellecutal black hole?

I'm a bit late on responding on this, but a commissioner doesn't understand the use of black hole or money pit or opening fault casm as meaningful except to keep the black man down. Typing of down, perhaps he should step down and get himself a good edumacation with all sorts of learnin' like sienses and rithmatic, riting wrongs and such.

I demand an apology for a better, well-rounded commissioner not getting this job.

Loser! Yes, I used a FOX News link. Shocker!