Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Standing Still on Boot Hill

"Normally I'd be dead now, but my new [heart] worked great!"+

I should be dead afraid of how much of a financial mess I have. I should be sweating bullets and thinking of eat a few high-velocity ones, but instead I am standing still. I can see the grim carnage of what I did to bring this on myself. I also have lived to see another day and likely more after that.

I'm not a new man, not really any different save one small detail...
I have hope.

While I won't soap box God, as I have been typically-human wishy-washy, I thank God for a will to live (better). God also sent me someone to help. She is my closest friend and knows what and who I am. We have kept each other in the shadows for a long time. We are soon on our way to more perfectly blend our families and friends together. She and her daughter got to meet some of my family. [photo]. I hope slowly we can integrate our lives into one.

No, there aren't marriage plans now and there aren't "little ones" on the way. She has braved much to get to where she is and I still have more broken glass to get to the end. I don't have a problem using the "love" word. Here she is with her daughter who agreed to meet me.

+ John Candy as Den, Heavy Metal