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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

no work, me pissed

Well, I had a stupid little error with an HP multi-function device. I could not get it to work, though it had worked before. As it turns out, shockingly Windows fudged it up for me. The tech support woman, Peggy, was especially helpful considering it was not a simple fix. I downloaded two applications and had to do some deleting. It was a painful bit of crap.

HP Help (via online chat) was very helpful. I rank it very high.

Microsoft, you screwed me again. Hey, look. We aren't dating anymore, quit trying to get me drunk with seeming-conveniences only to take advantage of me. I don't like it.

despite a shower

I still think I stink from the moving today. Pew!

art and wisdom from the young

newly re-discovered school journals

message to higher prices

Kiss it!

I helped move my niece, then sis to eye doctor

Well, we got a later start. I had hoped that we would have left at 9:00 a.m. but that was wishful thinking. My niece wasn't fully packed and so we didn't leave until 10:22. She had more paperwork to sign and then got her apartment assignment -- third floor.

I have agreed to my niece's request and won't disclose the location of the apartment.

My sister and I tried to hurry unloading for two reasons.
1.) It was supposed to and did reach the nineties today
2.) My sister had a 3:00 p.m. eye appointment

We lugged that stuff up the interior stone steps to the apartment, load after load. The hallways smelled of smoke -- yummy.

After it all, we were all hotter than heck, parched, tired. Still our work was not done. My niece's was just beginning.
Living room full of stuff
Many boxes were unlabeled.
the girls sweaty, hot, wiped after a hurried unloading
My other niece agreed to this shot when she was cooler and rested.
closet space not a problem here

small kitchen, large pantry -- interestingly gas stove
bedroom full of stuff. The dresser (back left) is a heavy monster.
Later my niece's friend came by to help. She will have hours of work ahead of her to unpack and sort stuff.
The girls on balcony. I was naughty and locked them on the balcony.

We drove off to eat at Taco Hades. The one we visited was clean, neat, with new decor. The staff there was busy hanging sunglasses from the ceiling and taping flip-flops and sandal paper decor on the walls. We then stopped to get gas at Kroger. What I didn't know is that if you have a Kroger card, you get 10 cents off gas there. Diane paid $4.02 to put in gas in the U-Haul.

We got it to U-Haul and by golly, since we had a fudged up truck at first, we returned it, they docked a day's charge+ about halving the cost.

My niece and her friend took two more boxes and left. My sister showered and stinking me (sans shower) left with her to the eye doctor. My other niece, I presume left for her boyfriend's after she showered.

We got to the eye doctor on time and my sister got in around five minutes. Time ticked by, but I was smart enough to bring something to do -- my computer. There was a twenties mother who had a premature boy there. Cute two were they. She was looking forward to a whole night's sleep she commented. The little boy was attached to monitors. I remember those with friends' baby boy. It was touchy and went off like a slot machine often.

My sister finished her visit with no work done. The doctor saw that she had lots of blood in her eye but she supposedly has 20/20 vision. We got back and I left for the day. Who knows what my future holds for Wednesday?

+ "for nappin' on the job"; Blazing Saddles.

Hiss! You naughty serpet!

Perhaps not, but when I saw this I thought of Disney's Robin Hood with "King" Prince John striking Hiss his companion.

one man, 2nd cup

"That's funny, he never has a second cup at home." +
It isn't nearly as exciting, but it isn't graphic and sickening either as two gross girls doing wrongful things.

+ from coffee ad, later used in Airplane.


Stay here ... it could be your last (k) night. They are missing out on a chance for haunted hotel.
They "appear" to be renovating, but honestly ... it looks like a sci-fi or horror scene.
Perhaps they can film Identity II here or Dark Water II or something. Dare I suggest Psycho VI?