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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hard to watch and not be moved

I skimmed through channels last night. I saw part of a documentary, "The Falling Man" after watching, "Secrets of 9/11". Well, the "Secrets of 9/11" wasn't so much Washington Monument; straight and mostly pointed. It was rather leaning like the Tower of Pisa.

-- bitching alert:
TV listings. You can get a TiVo, you can search through 2 months in advance to find tv shows and movies, but you can't damn well find something that they aired three days ago. The problem is, I only think I know what channel: National Geographic. Filth and foul!+ Curse, curse, curse!
-- bitching done

Anyway, the Secrets show had a small problem that most of the country has with what Bush did. Now, I am not much of a Bush defender. I actually have to note that many people point out that Bush was "doing nothing" for 45-minutes after the first plane smashed into the tower. OK. So, put yourself as President sitting in an elementary school as you scheduled. Some disaster hits, the depth of it, uncertain. Should you jet out of the classroom, setting many into a panic as young students might be prone to panic? I'm not sure if what he did was right, but I speculated possible thinking.

Do you consider the thought that it was, very likely, an isolated jet hitting the tower that many people were lost, but the tower would remain standing. I find the latter to be more likely. I don't blame his staying there rather than the prompt, "sorry kids ... America isn't safe anymore; terrorists are attacking us with our own planes."

Anyway ... that documentary had some interesting bits, but still was leaning and doing some blaming.

The next show, "Falling Man" was originally shown in 2007. I didn't see it then, and couldn't watch it all. It was difficult to watch the towers being struck and worse, people jumping to their deaths. There were several people who fell that day, photographers got many of them. A grieving widower was interviewed and had woefully accepted the likelihood that his wife leaped to her death as she was found on the street.

I would suppose that I would jump the hundred some stories too, rather than cook before suffocating. Few times have so many people (mass) had to opt for death by grisly means, none of which pleasant.

I watched some and was moved ... I wished it were a bit faster so that I could get through the end, rather than drag out my emotions a bit more.

+ Thanks to Bill Cosby in reference to overly used profanity of stand-up comics

job and company searching

Do you expect me to talk?

No, James Emo (Bond). I expect you to cry.

Pennsylvania's ruling on

Intelligent Scam. I won't bother detailing anything on Intelligent Design vs Evolution. Instead, the case should have pointed out that the producers and publishers of the books used in Intelligent Design were likely more interested in using that as a money-making project. Therein lies their passion -- money. I am sure that they probably believe in Intelligent Design, but it seems odd that they wiggle around things and pop out books that they deny having money for them -- don't know from where the money came.

So my take is, they push I.D. into being taught in the classrooms. They previous put together books to sell to the school system(s). If more schools started teaching, they would reap in cash. The case is a case of greed wrapped around a serious topic that people debate.

When you have liars say, "if only we had books", then viola! Books arrive. The books that "could be used" just happen to be available for sale by these two guys. How remarkable and too coincidental.

not jokes, sadly, but about lawyers

A judge in New York has to sue to get a pay raise. He has to sue other lawyers. Huh.

Another judge orders petty lawyers to use a child's game to settle an argument. I think what we have here is complete evidence that there are:
too many lawyers,
too much legislation on everyone else, not enough on lawyers

If you are a lawyer, be offended. Take this as a way to clean up your own coven of personnel. We might very well have more lawyers than military. Hell, use them! How many tears will be shed when divorce lawyers and criminal defendant (F. Lee Bailey) lawyers, ambulance chasers die by the tens or hundreds?

They would post a number of dead lawyers and I don't think the news viewers would use it as a "crying shame" that our service personnel are dying at a phenomenal rate, which they aren't.

I would like to hear, "The President has approved of the lawyer draft" for our commitment in the Arab region including Afghanistan, Iraq, and other areas. These unarmed lawyers will be essential in the use of cleaning America with the additional benefit of perhaps making an unarmed difference in the Arab world. Go G.I. Bureaucracy!

At some point, I died