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Monday, August 11, 2008

when who work?

Two competing schedules

T: 2 – 10

W: 11 – 5

R: 8 – 2

Indy (11 am)

F: Vincennes

S: 11 – 8

N: 11 – 8

M: 5 - C

Lie there, play debt.

In the end, no one liked the game.

Go here, then in circles

Do all these steps and still get nowhere. Thanks for the wheel spinning!

Ray, why?

same character with a different appears from July to August. Mrs. Honeystump has a secret identity?

Chase Manhattan offers

New game of Life board game.

What was shocking

It wasn't shocking that Isaac Hayes died and so soon after the death of Bernie Mac. There's no conspiracy. What I found interesting was that Isaac was a Scientologist. WTF? How in the world did a talented and motivated man who came from a difficult childhood ever wake up one day and say, "F ' it! I'll join that crazy Scientologist group in California." I will note that Texas and Utah weren't the starting points to this guano crazy cult.

Well, it is sad to see a talented man go and through the cause, likely, mid-life cardiac arrest (related to heart disease).

How many kwazy Howeywood Tywpes will be dere? Elmer Fudd+ for sure.

+ Well, they are loony

Worth more than a look

What the US needs to do is help curb Communist influence right? How about monster Russia picking on Georgia? We had no problems going into other areas to curb Communism, why not Georgia? Oh, and it is a representative democracy. Does that sound familiar?
Wiki's report.