Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Monday, October 20, 2008

dinner 4 5

Well, it was murky how it would turn out, but my love Tawnya come down to see me. Keith, Lori, Charlie met us and I wasn't sure when we could coordinate meeting and didn't want Tawnya driving forever and getting lost so I cooked.

Without argument, I burnt the ruddy steak. The side benefit was that it was thoroughly cooked -- no blood. I cooked steak, fish, corn, peas, rice, cheddar hash browns, biscuits . . .

I suppose it was OK. I was repeatedly told that the steak was good, except for the burnt side. Whatever!

Charlie was bored quickly so we chatted while Charlie shot down ducks with Duck Hunt. Later, he wanted the boys to play Life the board game. I scraped a win barely, Charlie second and Keith "2 spinning fool" finished quite last.

We played simple penny poker: whammy game, cyclops, up-and-down-the-river, in-between.

I think we had a good time. It was great news for me -- slowly integrated family, friends, future.