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Monday, June 23, 2008

What fills my days

Well, we started to finish the ceiling in the office room, but halted. More special cutting, more negotiating and a late start. We got up the support beams, but not a bit of the ceiling itself.

Jessica painted primer on the new dry wall after she and Jennifer sanded it. Logan helped by taping off the molding before we painted. We moved most everything out of the room so that it could be painted, dried, painted and ready for the carpet installers.

That should have been the day.

Diane was worried about a section of the wood paneling along the back wall. It was intact, but was messy with mold. More panels suffered the same fate, all along the wall, mold. It was not on the East wall much, but the West wall had some. Diane called for the removal of the paneling. The drywall, most of which was moldy had to go. So it was a lot more work.

That means that we have to put up half wall in the entire basement rec room of drywall. We then have to paint that room, the stairwell down, all before the carpet installers on Wednesday. What a fun week, right?

Lily, the dog, was not especially helpful.

+ on a positively charged note, I found out what caused my mild conductivity with places; my cellphone and keys that I prefer to carry on me.

Actually, I put Jessica's name here.

Welcome to Diane's messy, unlucky life.